How to use EPOKE Art Epoxy Pigments?
A Little Goes A Long Way!! 
  • EPOKE Art Epoxy pigments are high concentration pigment pastes and hence colour dosage can vary from as little as 0.5% upto 10% of the weight of the resin in the mix. 
  • Varied dosages will result in varied colour intensities, different levels of translucency/opacity and can render different shades as well.
  • These pigment pastes should be added into the mixed state of Part A and Part B.
  • Start with the smallest dosage of  pigment paste and gently mix it into the resin without incorporating too many bubbles. Add further pigment if you want a deeper/darker/more opaque shade.
  • A beginner may choose to measure the pigments on a weighing scale while using them, just to avoid over dosing. Most professionals could choose to vary their dosages based on the look and feel of the colour.
  • Over dosing the pigment by over 10% of the weight of the resin in the system could result in producing unexpected results. 
  • Also, the amount of pigment used in the system could vary the curing speed of the system, depending on but not restricted to the ambient conditions. We would suggest you do your trials on a small scale before taking up large scale works.
March 31, 2019 — Rachana Reddy

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