How to use EPOKE Art Epoxy Resin?
Measure and pour the resin and hardener into a mixing cup, in the ratio 3:1 by weight.
Stir well for at least 5 minutes. Try not to incorporate air in to the system while mixing. Scrape the sides and the bottom to make sure you’re being thorough. Unmixed material could leave you with sticky spots that just won’t cure. Once you mix the resin and hardener, you will have about 45 minutes of working time before the resin starts to thicken and cure.

PRO TIP!!! : Tending to air bubbles incorporated during mixing
After mixing for 5 minutes, keep this mix away for 10 minutes. Most of the bubbles in the mix will come up to the surface and pop automatically. Un-popped bubbles can be popped using a hot air gun or blow torch.

After making sure your piece is level, go ahead and pour EPOKE Art Epoxy Resin over your work. Since EPOKE Art Resin is self-leveling it will start to level on its own, and you can spread it around into place. Let the resin run over the edges and then just use a brush to tidy it up. You may again notice bubbles rising to the surface of the coating. Most of the bubbles will pop on their own, as EPOKE Art Resin is specially formulated to do so. You may use a hot air gun or blow torch once again over un-popped bubbles if required. Just mild heat and a gently swipe over the surface would suffice.

EPOKE Art Epoxy Resin needs to sit for several hours in a dust-free space while it cures. In about 8 hours, the surface could be mildly tacky but you will be able to pour a second coat if necessary. In about 12 hours it will be dry to the touch, and within 24 hours it will be 95% cured which is good for handling strength. It will be fully cured within 72 hours.
March 31, 2019 — Rachana Reddy

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